Key Stage 2 SATS results


Ashurst CE Aided Primary School aims: ‘to provide all pupils with an education of the highest quality and to promote the development of every child towards the fulfilment of his/her potential, wheresoever that may lie’.

Ashurst is a small school with relatively small cohorts of pupils compared to other schools. The Standard Number (SN) per year group is eight. This characteristic should be borne in mind when considering the school’s results, especially when comparing them to other schools, locally and nationally.

The cohort of Y6 Ashurst pupils in 2017 was eight, with one pupil representing 12.5% of all marks and results.

The school was very pleased with the performance of its eight Y6 pupils in 2017 and reached the government’s ‘floor standard’ for the areas assessed. 

In the case of the pupils who did not reach the ‘expected standard’, it was just in one subject each and by a few marks. However, all eight made significant individual progress set against respective individual prior attainment

Seven of the eight Y6 Ashurst pupils, 87.5%,met’ and ‘exceeded’ the ‘expected standard’ in Reading/Comprehension, nationally it was 71%.

Ashurst exceeded the national ‘expected standard’ in Reading/Comprehension by 16%.

In Grammar Punctuation & Spelling, 87.5% of Ashurst pupils ‘met’ and ‘exceeded’ the ‘expected standard’, nationally it was 73%.

Ashurst exceeded the national ‘expected standard’ in Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling by 14.5%.

 Six of the eight Y6 Ashurst pupils, 75%, ‘met’ and ‘exceeded’ the ‘expected standard’ in Mathematics, nationally it was 75%.

ALL eight, 100% were confirmed formally by moderation by the local authority in June 2017, as having ‘met’ and ‘exceeded’ the ‘expected standard’ in Writing’. One of the eight ‘exceeded’ the ‘expected standard’ in Writing, 12.5%.

The school is required to publish the ‘Scaled Scores’ in Reading and in Mathematics for the cohort of eight Y6 Ashurst pupils in 2016-2017.

The Scaled Scores for the eight pupils are as follows:

Reading = 105.8

Maths   = 103.3

The school is also required to publish its ‘Progress Measure’ in Reading and Mathematics, from end of KS1 to end of KS2, for the respective Year 6 cohort 2016-2017.

In the case of the particular Y6 cohort, there were seven of the eight pupils at Ashurst CE Primary School at the end of KS1.

The ‘Progress Measures’ for the seven pupils are as follows:

Reading  =    + 0.39

Maths    =    -2.38

Ashurst CE Aided Primary was delighted with the performance and achievements of all pupils in the school in 2016-2017.